Department of Panchayat
 & Rural Development

Welcome to the online MIS system of P&RD West Bengal. We highly appriciate your perticipation for every betterment of three tier panchayat system.

  • Step One

    We give you a link


  • Step Two

    You enter your data

    Complete all monthly report and

  • Step Three

    Data are compiled

    Automated reports are generated
    at PS ZP & State level

It's really that easy.

Great for monthly reporting, audit monitoring, financial forcasting, budget planning & even just knowing who your employees are.

The Benefits

  • A Fresh Start

    A Fresh Start

    No more incomplete or
    outdated management

  • Never Lose Your Contacts

    Safe & Secure

    Your reports and everything in it is safe and secure.

  • Great For Events

    Save LOTS of Time

    Engage multiple resorce to complete report. we do the rest for you.

  • Export To Anywhere

    Export & Print

    Export reports to Gmail, Excel, and even print.